KC Beer Fest Charity Partner 2018

At KC Beer Fest 2018 on Saturday, September 15th, Drink Local Think Global raised money and awareness for something incredible!

  • thank you kids;
  • Power and Light Beer Fest _ Nicole Bissey Photography 320;
Power and Light Beer Fest _ Nicole Bissey Photography 320

Every year, KC Beer Fest partners with a local charity to make a difference in the world. For the second year, Drink Local Think Global was that amazing charity! Drink Local Think Global sold apparel on-site at KC Beer Fest and raised money for their cause. 

thank you kids

Drink Local Think Global is an inspirational local charity that provides safe and clean drinking water to people in developing countries by inspiring the craft beer industry to take action. Drink Local Think Global produces water projects throughout the world to help fight the global water crisis. Every dollar raised goes toward providing long-term partnerships, education and stabilization of the projects. This year, at KC Beer Fest 2018, Drink Local Think Global raised $4,800; making it their biggest event yet!

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